Saturday, December 25, 2004

Hello All

I am a normal guy( some will argue this) with 4 passions in life.

#1 I love my beautiful wife Rachael, she is my reason for being.
#2 I love to ride my Single Speed mountain bike. I race I ride, life is good.
#3 I love fine crafted beers, Victory, Stone, Rogue, etc. I am also a big fan of Belgian beers.
#4 I love footbal, I am an Eagles season ticket holder and have been for 6 years.

My wife is the most caring and understanding woman I know. She always seeme to know what I need before I do, and she never hassles me about riding. You Rock Babe.
I have been into cycling for about 6 years now. I love riding and racing mountain bikes, I have developed into a Single Speed only kind of guy. There really is no way to explain it unless you ride one.
I love beer,( this is partially why I ride so much ) . I am kind of a beer snob. I don't drink your typical mass produced stuff, I like A beer that was craft brewed or a fine Belgian.
When the fall hits it is time for Football. I am a very passionate Eagles fan. I have suffered some heart braking losses the past couple years but I still bleed Eagles green, this could be the year.

Well I am still new at this so I will keep it simple for the first time.

til next time Buddy

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