Sunday, December 26, 2004

this is Strider  Posted by Hello


gwadzilla said...

strange to me....
do you and FATMARC put that "i love my wife" part so that when your wives read your BLOG they stop at that point....swoon....and say....ah...they blog...that is so sweet?

just wondering
just kidding

I love my wife too
blogged about it once
but did not get any 'points' for it

gwadzilla said...

is STRIDER a whippet?
how is he with the frisbee?

one of my aussie/retriever mixes could have been quite the frisbee dog, but his brother kept stealing the frisbee on the return

so I dropped the whole retrieving thing

Buddy said...

Strider is an English Greyhound. He doesn't quite get the whole frisbee concept, but he can catch a ball.
I also have an Australian Sheppard, she doesn't do frisbee either as a matter of fact she doesn't do much but chase the greyhound to no avail.

Later Buddy