Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a ride

It is cold out which means the trails are frozen, this also makes them fast. I met up with my friend Matt at his house, we headed out to meet up with the group by 8:30 am. We arrived and saw a large group ready to go. I was excited, there were some friends I haven't seen in a while because they live in Colorado. Joey T. and Katie Compton, ( both are pro cyclists ) not to mention 6 or 7 of my team mates and some other friends. My friend and coach Marc was out as well. Marc is just coming back after a 1 month layoff due to back problems. It was good to ride with all these people again, it brought back a lot of fond memories.
So the ride begins, we are riding the trails of White Clay and Middle run. We are all looking forward to the new skills trail that opened recently at White Clay. It is a hoot to ride, really tight and twisty with some pretty good drop offs. We cruise down the trail and gather at the bottom then Marc says we are going up it, this trail is not designed to go up, but we do anyway which was cool by mee because we got to come right back down agian. We now head over to the other park, Middle Run, we stop for a flat , then ride some more. Some folks decide to call it quits but most of us press on. I am having a lot of fun but my feet are frozen. Ted's feet are colder though, he slipped off a rock trying to cross the stream so he just walks through the water to the other side. Of course we all laughed.
Now we start making our way back to White Clay, we are headed for a trail we call Shock and Awe. It is super fast and twisty decent and one of my favorites. After this a few more people call it quits, we are now a group of 5 and we head up one more trail that takes us into PA, it isn't ridden much but it is fun. Finally we get back to where we met the big group 3 hours ago. Matt and I still have to ride back to his house. It is all up hill and into the wind. We get back and we had ridden for 3 and half hours we are both cold and whipped.
I get changed and Matt offers me a nice cold Victory Hop Devil. There is nothing like a good beer after a long cold ride. This was one of my favorite rides of the year and I can't wait to go out again.

til next time Buddy


gwadzilla said...

sounds like a good ride.....

I need to get my hands dirty and fix my bottom bracket so I can take my single out onto some frozen trails with my new winter shoes

it will suck when I finally run out of excuses and have to say I can not ride because I am a pussy
(would taking Midol help my situation?)

Buddy said...

You should get out, no excuses. I just returned from a night ride. It was a good time, Just my team mate Mike and myself 1.5 hours of fast frozen trails.