Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bad Day

OK most of you know I am currently unemployed. So I am trying to take advantage of my extra time and get it as much riding as possble. I even rode tuesday with Bill B. in the sleet and freezing rain. Today Matt and I were planning a ride for a late morning ride figuring the fog would lift and we could enjoy the warm temp. We ended up deciding to head out at 1:30 from Matt's house for a 2-3 hour ride. We were about 30 min. in when some A$$HOLE came flying by us only to slow down and make a right hand turn. The problem with this was I was next to the truck when he started turning. I quickly realized this was going to get ugly. The guy never hesitated or looked because the next thing I know is he is going to hit me. I had no where to go because there was no shoulder only a dirt bank between me and the truck. Thank god I wasn't going to fast. The truck side swiped me and started dragging me with it. Some how I managed to get away and fall into the sticker bushes. Matt went after the guy, when he finally got him to stop the guy said" I had my turn signal on so tough shit. Matt had his cell phone with him called the police and was able to memorise the license plate. Good thing because the guy left. While we were waiting for the police the guy came back, obviously he thought we would be gone. Then as he was turning into the other end of the driveway we noticed his turn signal didn't even work. The cops finally show up we tell our story, so he goes to talk to the guy. The guy tried to say he didn't hit me but it was obvious because of the marks on the side of the truck. The cop comes back to us and gets my info and checks for damage to me and the bike. The only real damage was my ripped bib knickers and some nasty road rash on my backside( not in a good spot for riding ). I told the cop the replacement value of my knickers and he went and told the guys son who gave me the cash then and there and sent us on our way. The guy that hit me will walk away with a couple of citations and less a little cash. So Matt and I turn around and head back to his house. The part that pissed me off the most was I only got in an hour of riding. So the moral of the story is: always carry a cell phone and try to ride with somebody if you can.

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