Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ahhh Sweet Reward

Today was an anti-road ride. We rode our mountain bikes from Marc's house and over to Fair Hill. The idea was to try out the trails, if they were ridable great, if not we would hit the road. We had a nice group show up today. There was Marc ( our gracious host, Matty T, Single Speed Dan, John "whatever gear the bike came with" Cleary, and riding in from Newark were Lauri and Brian. The trails were untouched except for some deer and rabbit tracks. I would say it averaged about 3-4 inches deep, some spots were deeper and some were bare. It is not easy pedaling through snow, and climbing is down right brutal. We made the most of it and had a fun ride. It was different because it was all ppower today. There was no spinning, and you definitely had to keep your weight over the back wheel to maintain traction. I had a blast riding in the snow with some really good friends. The coolest part of this ride was EVRYBODY was on a Single Speed. as a matter of fact I think Lauri and I were the only ones with suspension, I put my fork on last night, How cool is that? We were having a pretty uneventful ride, we decided to call it a day on the trail and finish our ride on the road. Just as we got to the bridge by the fair grounds we all heard a loud "PING". We come to find out Dan had just sheared off his chainring. Somehow he ripped through all four chainring bolts. I have never seen anything like it.

So we all took turns pushing Dan the rest of the way back to Marc's house. Whic is where the Sweet Reward came in. See Marc had said befroe we even left that he had a Growler of beer he needed help with. Matt, Dan, and I, being the good hearted people we ar, were there to help our freind in his time of need. Good stuff to, I think it was Iron Hill's pale ale. As we were sipping our reward Marc asked " do you guys want to watch a crash DVD, it is nasty road crashes ". What a way to end a ride. Drinking good beer with good friends and wathing carnage on tv. It doesn't get any better than this.

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