Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another Glorious Ride

The plan today was to ride the trails. We figured it was cold enough and the trails would be frozen solid. Well it was cold but the trails were not frozen solid, they were no where near muddy and wet but more spongy. It felt weird, kind of like riding with a flat. This made climbing a bitch. Matt, Ted, and I were going to try for 3 hours. We started off fine then Ted decided he wanted a different pace so he went off on his own. Matt and I pressed on. Matt was sporting his new Kona single speed, a replacement for the surly. It's a nice bike there are e few of them on the team now. We had no issues today with the exception of Matt's flat. It was a good ride. Dave Bartoo and his crew did some work on "the tree", it has improved bail out ramp which also acts as an on ramp if your coming the other way. We hit all the good stuff today, we also hit the wall. Matt bonked then a half hour later I bonked. It made the last half hour of our ride really slow. We still had a blast though, I think we did about 23 miles in 2:30. Not bad for a Thursday morning especially with the 4-8 inches of snow coming in today. It started snowing as we were finishing up. I hope it is less than they are calling for, otherwise we might not see the trails again until spring.

Well that'a all folks

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