Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bikes and Burritos

In the past when we do one of Charlie's rides there is always that fear of some of the sickest hills around, not to mention a headwind from hell. Today we met at Octorara Highschool with the intention of meeting some other folks and riding some laps around an upcoming race course. As Matt always says meeting on the road never works. We had a small group today; Matty,
Charlie, Gay Tom, and myself. Well we never did catch up with the other folks so we set off to do our own thing. Tom made the statement, " I am riding in the back, you guys can pull me around all day". Yeah ok Tom. Charlie took it easy on us today. We avoided most of the big hills, but you can't miss them all. It was going great until some idiot mentioned "hey it's not that windy today". You never mention these things because they always come back and bite you on the ass. We did find a nasty head wind, just as we were climbing the longest hill of the day, Ouch. I am supposed to be on a rest week damn it. Oh well it was a fun ride, as Charlie's always are. I think we saw a total os 8 cars all day. We ended up with a nice 38 miles in 2:18, not bad for a rest week riding the roads of Lancaster County in the wind.

We got back to the highschool and I mentioned grabbing some lunch from Taco Shells, (one of fatmarc's favorites). This place rules. It is a small esablishment where you sit on lawn furniture, seat yourself, and the menus are already on the table. When you order you must plan on taking some home because there burritos are fucking huge. Neither Matt nor myself could eat more that half, and that was after a ride. Really good food at a cheap price.


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