Friday, March 11, 2005

Day off at the slopes

No riding today, but my day was bike related. I just received my replacement Ionic Single Speed. I had broken the original twice ,so they just gave me a brand new frame. The new frame is a lot nicer than the original. It has much wider seat stays, so I can run any tire I want. Before I was limited to a 1.9. Plus it is disc specific, no v-brake tabs. The color turned out great. It is actually brighter than before. Dean bikes and Ionic cycles really came throug for me. I know they aren't the fastest people out there, but they did give a brand new frame no questions asked. I am looking forward to the chance to ride it again. It is a sweet riding bike.

Also we recently got a web cam. It is pretty cool. With windows messenger we can talk to and see Rachaels parents over the internet. Considering they live in England I think it is pretty cool. Plus it will cut down on our long distance bill.

I a, looking forward to tomorrows ride. I've been wanting to do this loop for a long time. I just hope I have some legs. I think we should have a good group.
Stay tuned for a complete ride report tomorrow.

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