Sunday, March 06, 2005

That's All Folks

Today was my last day of base miles. It was actually a rest week, but I am putting in my total base for the year. It is hard to remember back in January when I started base. I do remember feeling like I was never going to get into shape. My coach told me that you always have a break out ride, where it hits you. I had that ride about 3 weeks ago. I am feeling pretty good right now and really looking forward to the upcoming season. I only needed one hour today so I decided to hop on my Desalvo and head to the Laurels, some wooded double track. It was kinda fun, I got the hour I needed, I took it easy and I rode my single speed. The Laurels were a little wet but not too bad and unlike last time it was ridable.

My intensity starts next week, with the weather forcast it might even start tomorrow. I am trying to get some folks to join me in my suffering. It always seems better when others are hurting right along with you. There really isn't much else to say so I won't.

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