Thursday, March 10, 2005

There Has To Be An Easier Way

I spent most of this morning trying to fix my computer problems, this meant spending 2 hours on the phone with technical support. Eventually I got things fixed and I could head out and do my work out on the road. Todays work out was a real treat. My coach ( calls the LT intervals, I call them these things suck intervals. The idea is to warm up , then go at 85 % max heart rate for 4-7 minutes, recover and repeat. I did 3 sets today, 5,6,and 6 minutes. This was my first lt work out, eventually I will increase the length and the number of intervals. Don't get me wrong todays work out hurt like hell. I don't think i could have pushed much harder, and to add insult to injury, my ride home was into a nasty headwind then up a pretty good climb. I do like the feeling I get when I've finished a work out, that jelly leg feeling is pretty cool.

The other good news is, I have finally started to lose a little weight. I am down 9 lbs. and my clothes actually fit again. So tonight Rachael and I went to the Half Moon for dinner. When I was working full time we went there every couple of weeks. We haven't been there in months so it was a nice treat.
Rachael had a sesame chicken salad and washed it down with a Magic Hat Fat Angel. I went with the ostrich burger and a couple of Troegs Nugget Necters, which I must say were really good. So tomorrow will be a rest day. I will spend it building my Ionic I just got back,I should say it is a brand new replacemant for the one that broke twice. They hooked me up pretty well.
I guess it is time for bed so later.

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