Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sometimes Your The Hammer, ans Sometimes Your the Nail

During the last couple of weeks I haven't felt as strong as I did earlier in the year. I've been riding well but I haven't felt great. Until last night. Our team invited a lot of the local riders out to ride at Granogue. This was a one time invite to help get the trails ridden in before the race. It was very successful, we had a good turn out and folks seemed to like the course.

Andrew had asked for a couple of peolpe to lead groups around the course. I had done one lap earlier and was feeling pretty good, so I led a faster paced group. It was Todd (I picked the wrong gear), Alan, This guy Jeff from Shirks, and myself. I put the hammer down right away and felt really good. I would stop occasionally to re-group, but then it was game on. We banged out two laps at a pretty good pace. At one point Todd took the lead, He is one of the fastest descenders there is, like water down the trail. We lost Al when he broke a chain, then we lost Jeff when he flatted on the tracks, But we picked SS Dan for a half a lap. It was a good ride. I finally got my 3 laps and the time were all about the same, even though the third one hurt like hell.

Well I get a couple of days to rest then race on Saturday. Time to feed the dogs so Later.

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