Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fun Ride! and Fajitatas

After work today I headed for White Clay to try and get in a couple of hours. I wasn't sure how much it rained there last night but I was hopoing for dry trails. The trails were great, a couple of puddles but no real mud. My legs were a little tired, let me rephrase that, my legs were really fucking tired. As long as I didn't try to push it too hard I was OK, but as soon as I tried to put down any power, OUCH. So I just took advantage of the nice trails and had a fun ride. I hope I feel better on the bike soon.

Now for the fajita part. We had some home made venison fajitas for dinner tonight. Man, they were really good. Nothing like some spicy food and a couple of Stone IPAs after a good ride. Well I don't have anything else so Later Dudes.

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