Monday, September 19, 2005

That's All Folks...

Yesterday was my last race of the year. It did not go how I wanted it to. I was not even going to do it, but figured what the hell. I sold my Eagles tickets and decided to give it a shot. Matt decided to come out and play as well. The course was really tough. All of the trails were freshly cut, with plenty of rocks and roots, add some rain the other day and it was a slippery event. L Webb and Andrew did a pre ride lap and decided to not even race. They both said it was too much walking and not enough ridable sections. I should have listened to them. I felt pretty good at the start, but I quickly got frustrated by not being able to stay on the bike. I spent more time running and walking than riding. Once the negative thoughts started creeping into my head I was done. I almost pulled out before finishing my 1st lap, but I really wanted to see this down hill I heard so much about. It was fun, very technical and slick but a lot of fun. I was going to go out for my next lap and see how I felt then I hit the mulch sections, that's right thick soft mulch, the stuff that just robs your power and momentum. There were two big stretches of the stuff. Finally I just called it a day. I hate not finishing a race but I was not having fun, the leaders way out in front of me, and my position in the standings was not going to change.

I want to give big props to Jeffery (Jebagger) Banshon who won the overall in his class. Which just happens to be racing with kids older than him. Way to go Jeb.

Congrats to Topher who won today, Big Ben took second and Tim D grabbed 3rd. Matty, run forrest had a good ride to come in 4th. I am not sure of the overall but I think it went like this,
1 - Wes
2 - Topher
3 - Tim
4 - Big Ben
5 - Myself
My season started very strong this year, but I think the points chase and the fact that this was my first year expert caught up to me in the end. I had some pretty good races this year and I am already looking forward to improving next year. Now it is time to just ride my bike and have fun.
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