Sunday, October 16, 2005

Showing Off...

Ben ( You Talking To Me) and John C. Paul ( I ride once a week and I
am still faster than you)

The fall weather is upon us. The trails are in fantastic shape. This was is the formula for a great ride. I invited Big Ben Yoder to come out and ride with us today. We were joined by Todd, John C, Paul, and Ted Logic. Todd and I took turns setting the pace and as usual it was pretty fast. Of course we were riding White Clay and Middle Run and we all know these trails are built to ride fast. No matter how many speed bumps they put in, we still fly down the trails.

The past few weeks I have been lucky enough to ride with Ben and the boys on their Wednesday night ride, this was my chance to return the favor. I tried to make sure we hit all the fun stuff, I have to admit I love showing off our wonderful trails. Everybody was having a good ride, no flats and no mechanicals. I love rides like this, perfect weather and perfect trails. Plus a great group to share it with.

Thaks for reading,


Jim Toy said...

Buddy...I have seen other pics taken at that location.

What road is that?

Buddy said...

That is the top of the Boundary Trail at White Clay. It is Corner Catch RD.