Monday, December 05, 2005

Fun Ride Saturday and a Little Heckling Sunday...

A Rare appearance by Single Speed Dan, who was sporting his new Niner.

Saturday we had a really gooe ride at White Clay and Middle Run. The local contingent was Matty T, Mike K, and Single Speed Dan. Joining us were a bunch of the Beans boys, Sean, Bob, Scott, and Craig. Matt did a nice job of changing things up. Wew hit some trails I hadn't been on in a long time. We kept the pace brisk but not brutal. I have to give props to Dan, he hasn't been doing a whole lot of riding, but he was able to hang tough for most of the ride. One really cool statistic from the ride was, out of the 8 people, 6 were on 29er single speeds, and 3 of them were SPOT brand bikes. How cool is that.

The Beer tent sponsored by Victory Brewing.

Sunday I met up with Matt to watch and Heckle people at the Fair Hill cross race. The course looked fun but it was really sloppy. It was fun cheering on all My Spot Teammates and all my other friends. Fort James had a great ride out sprinting a guy right at the end. I was really happy for him. Marc looked strong, even when he was done racing and driving home.

Who knows maybe I will take on cross next year.

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