Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Does Not Play Well With Others...

With my first race coming this Saturday, my plan was to do a hard ride on Tuesday and a couple of rides before the race. I hit the trails early yesterday and was happy to see the rain had actually made them faster, no more dust and loose turns. I was feeling a little sluggish at first, but after 45 minutes or so the legs really opened up.
At one point I stopped to remove some clothing, and some younger guy stops and asks for an allen wrench. I helped him out, he then started admiring my Jones Bars, and my sweet Spot Brand single speed.
I late invited him to ride with me. On our way up a little climb I put out a little effort to see what he had. Ryan (that's the kids name) hung right in there. We headed over to the Boundary trail, This time I really put the Hammer down. I wasn't trying to drop the guy, I was just trying to get a bit of a work out. Well, I did drop the guy. When he got to the top he commented how fast I was then he said " I didn't think someone on a single speed could be faster than me" Needless to say the rest of the time we rode together I really hammered the climbs. Finally I think he had enough and called it a day. I continued my ride, and I must admit I had a little smirk on my face the rest of the time.

Rock Out,


Anonymous said...

what race is this week??
its not MASS or Michuax??

Buddy said...

The Running of the Dogs in North Jersey. I am doing the expert team race with fatmarc. It is a 4 hour race as many laps as you can do.

fatmarc said...

and you wonder why I'm worried about trying to hold your wheel?
holy crap, I'm a deadfatmarc

mad respect

bob said...

"i didn't think a singlespeed could be faster than me" what a punk!

see ya at the dogs.

Jason said...

F-ing kidz! Way to go.

You or Marc doing French Creek on the 22nd? I'll be there doing the 6 hour. Good luck this weekend.


Buddy said...

I am pretty sure Marc will be at french, but I will be doing Micheaux on the 23rd.


Jason said...

cool. good luck.