Thursday, June 22, 2006

D-Town 2, Me Nothing...

After a tough week last week I had planned to take it easy early in the week. Tuesday I met up with one of my first ever riding buddies, Barry. When I first started riding Barry used to destroy me week in and week out. I haven't ridden with him in years, and things are a little different now. Our ride was pretty easy, but still a lot of fun.

Last night I decided to head up to D-Town and ride with the Bean's boys. Everything started off well. I was feeling pretty good, I was even climbing well. Then about 45 minutes in, I was not feeling good. I dropped to back faster than I could say OH Shit! It was hot and it was humid, and I was not feeling good at all. Back at the front Bob, Mark, Chris, Ryan, and the rest were flying. Bob is riding really well right now. I hope I bounce back by the weekend. I am heading to Jim Thorpe with these guys and I don't want to be the lead ass.

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gwadzilla said...

just riding in Jim Thorpe?

I need to get up there!

maybe for the next NWW: SS event