Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mid-Summer Meltdown & Jim Thorpe...

Every year about this time I start to hit the wall. My biggest problem is I never take a break. I just love riding my bike and it is hard to step away. This year will be different. No riding until the weekend.

I did go out with a bang though. On Saturday I headed to Marc's for the Delaware Trail Spinners anual poker run. Marc had to ride early and that worked out well for me. The weather has been sketchy around here lately, but despite the threat of rain the ride was on. After waiting for a brief shower to pass we headed out. It was really humid and I don't do well in the humidity. Marc was kind enough to take it easy on me. We still rode a nice tempo but I was feeling bad and he had a busy day ahead so we bailed a little early. Even though I felt like shit it was still a good ride.

The start of an epic day.

Despite the weather forcast,(RAIN) I met up with Bob, Mark, and Chris for a trip to Jim Thorpe. I have never been to JM but I have heard a lot of good things about it so I was really looking forward to this ride. We met the rest of the posse up there. Our group was lucky to have Jamie, a local, lead us around today. We were also joined by, Gentle Ben, Scott, Craig, another Jamie, and two more local guys, Werner and Dean the Mayor of JM.

Just as we started to roll out it started to rain and it never stopped. The riding up there is unbelievable. Even with a constant rain, that seemed to get heavier the whole time, there was know mud. It was a little wet in a few spots, but no mud. We basically climbed about 6 miles from the town to the top, rode the ridge then down the other side. Then we hit the next town and rode to the top then down and back to the cars. After reaching the top the second time we took a little break. This is where Dean comes in. Not only did the guy cut a lot of the trails up there, but he stashed a little picnic for us.

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Anonymous said...

dude u must rest....cross is coming & u will be in the DCCofD this rest!!!