Monday, July 03, 2006

Back in the Saddle...

After a much needed 5 day rest, I took to the trails again on Saturday. I really didn't know how I was going to feel, but I was hoping to feel fresh. This was not the case. I felt really stale, combine that with this oppressive heat and humidity and it was a rough 1st day back. Sharing the trails with me were Fort James and my friend Barry. Barry hasn't been able to ride a lot, but that didn't seem to slow him down much. The bright Spot was I did ride my shiny new Spot Brand 29er Single Speed.

It turned out awesome, and rides as beautiful as my other Spot. Frank, the new owner of Spot, went out of his way to get me this frame as soon as he could. Thanks for everything Frank. The biggest difference is the new Spots are powder coated by Spectrum Powder Works. The finish looks great.

Yesterday I headed out to White Clay. I had to get out early so I went out on my own. About half an hour into my ride I ran into James. I enjoy riding with James. I was feeling a little better but still not great. I tried to push the pace a little in the beginning, but I quickly decided it would be best to keep things easy. After 2 hours James and I called it a day.

The Other Half Moon.
Yesterday afternoon Rachael and I made our way into Wilmington for the Gathering Of Tall Ships. I have to say we both came away disappointed. About 10 years ago I remember going to Battery Park in New Castle to see the tall ships arrive. There were about 20 of them and it was a sight to see. This year there were only 4 and 2 of them weren't much. The other 2 were the Kalmayr Nickle, which is based in Delaware, and the Half Moon out of New York. Both are exact replicas.

You couldn't get a clear view of them from the shore, and after waiting in line in the blistering heat for over half an hour we were only able to board one of them. We finally got aboard the Half Moon only to be rushed right back off of it. During our brief visit I learned it was the ship of Henry Hudson. The folks on board tried to give us some of the details but they didn't have enough time. Hopefully in the future they are a bit more organized and prepared for a crowd.

Well I am off to ride,

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