Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally Feeling Good Again...

My last couple of trips to the Wednesday night Downing town ride were brutal. I was off the back quicker than Floyd Landis on stage 16. Last night was a different story. The group was big and there were plenty of fast guys there. I felt pretty damn good. Despite constantly dropping my chain. I didn't know what to expect after Michaux, but if last night is any indication, my form is coming back.

On the last climb of the night I was settled in behind Big Ben when I thought I had dropped my chain again. Turns out I broke it, right at the quick link, but with a little Topher chain magic, I was able to finish the ride.

Then of course came the Beer. It was a special night at Victory, they were serving some "Vintage Beers". They had an 03,04,05 version of both Storm king Stout, and the Old Horizontal. Some very smooth tasting brews for sure.

That's all folks,

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gwadzilla said...

the landis comeback may not have involved cold beer

what was the topher fix?

I saw that guy ride with an ipod and speakers at the SM100