Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday Night Follies at Fair Hill...

FINALLY, it seems to have cooled off around here. By that I mean it was a pleasant 90 deg. Today as opposed to 100. So I met up with Les the International Man of Mystery at Fair hill. Ater a quick loop we swung back to the lot to find, fatmarc, Matt run Forrest, and Todd El Presidente. Shit, I was hoping for a nice easy ride. Todd quickly took the lead and it was game on. I was feeling good and did my best to stick to his wheel. Todd was on form and the pace was pretty fast. We were all enjoying the slightly lower temps, but it was still pretty humid. While climbing some double track there was some debris down left over from the storms we had recently. Todd rolled through and lucky me, I caught my foot on a vine and went down. Marc quickly makes the comment, " Buddy, you are the only guy I know that crashes going up hill" Not long after that Todd double flatted. It was a nice little breather. After that Les took the front to try and ease the pace a little.

It was a great ride. I felt pretty good and got in some good efforts. Hopefully things go well at Sussy on Sunday, even though I am only using this race for training. Well gotta go ride,

Peace Out,

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