Friday, September 08, 2006

More on the SM 100...

We weren't sure if this thing on Les' back was a giant fly or the Virginia state bird.

This was about as close as I wanted to get to the pool. Les had a theory, every time someone used the shower the water level went down and every time someone flushed the toilet the water level went up.
How many guys does it take to jump start Elk's jeep? Answer, all of them.
there was a lot more to last weekend than just the race. Take Bender foe example. Bender heard about the coveted "Rock Star Award", it goes to the guy or gal that spends the most time hitting the Keg the night before, has the best race and spends the most time at the keg the night after.
Bender stayed at the Keg until 1:30am the night before, then finished 7th in the single speed class, then while hanging out at the keg the night after decided to seal the deal by rocking out with his cock out, thus clinching the Rock Star Award.
I have to give props to Buck, Tom McMillar, and Rich Dillen. All 3 did the race on fixed gears, and Rich was riding rigid. Sick!
I wanted to say congrats to all the finishers, from Jeramiah Bishop who finished in 7:15 to the red lantern rider who toughed out just to finish. I now know what real suffering is. The scary part is I can't wait til next year, plus I plan on throwing in the Wilderness 101 as well. Should be a blast.

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IF Chicks said...

Hey Buddy,
Congrats on your race !! That rock star award "bar" is being raised higher every year...i'm afraid what the compettition will be like next year !
hope see you at michaux.