Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pubs, Stones, and A Little Mud...

Our first few days over here have been pretty eventful. We arrived early Sunday morning. Within a few hours we were off to the Pub. The Queens Arms was a local place where Rachael got to catch up with some old friends. The beer was good but the smoke was awful. Monday was a bit of shopping in the local town. Yesterday was tourist day. We made our way to Stone Henge, which was quite impressive. After that we hit a nice pub for some lunch and a couple of pints. We then got to see Nunney Castle and the Nunney church. Both these buildings date back to the 13TH century. From there we made our way home via the Cheddar Gorge, which looked like it had some wicked down hills, if you were a little psycho.

Last night I met up with one of the local bike clubs in Bristol for a little Halloween night ride. I managed to get in touch with Shaggy from the Outcast
It was supposed to be casual ride with a bon fire and some beverages, it turned out to be a bon fire with some beverages and a little relay race. The single track was fun, a little flat and muddy, but not as bad as I expected. This turned out to be a blast especially since the team I was on won. First prize was a bottle of rum. Not my thing but I took a couple of swigs anyway. I am supposed to meet up with Shaggy for a ride Friday afternoon as well. in the mean time we have plenty of things to see and beer to drink. I will post a lot of photos when I get home.



Samantha said...

ah yes... pubs are smokey but if you drink enough you won't care.

robert said...

Nice work... way to represent the mid-atlantic on the other side of the pond.