Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh! The Pain...

Sorry for the late post but I have been pretty busy. If you read fatmarc then you know about Saturdays ride if not here it goes. Due to large amounts of rain we were forced to ride the road. I hate riding the road but if I must I might as well make it interesting. Marc mentioned riding his fixed gear, so I showed up on mine. I love riding my fixie, but I just don't ride enough, and when I do it is usually a short ride. Plus I have never ridden it on a group ride before.

Spot Paul brought his out as well, rounding out the group were, Chunky Monkey, FFA Amy, Wes the Conqueror, Jan, and Rob Thomas. Paul laid down the rules early, NO Brakes. I did my best but still had to use them a few times.

The ride was great, I was loving the fixie, but after an hour and a half it was starting to hurt. Luckily we only rode for 2 hours. I was hurting after the ride, but nothing like the next day. Sunday my legs hurt, I felt like I had spent a few hours in the gym. As a matter of fact they still hurt a little. Man what a good work out.

I didn't get to ride Sunday, but Rachael and I took our dogs for a long walk trough the woods. Then it was off to the Eagles Playoff game. What a game the Eagles pulled it out on a David Akers field goal as time expired. Bring on the Saints.


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robthomas said...

Great riding with you again. I'll help you cheer for the Eagles when New england gets knocked out of the playoffs...