Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little French...

This may have been my best weekend of riding so far this year, yeah I know it is only Febuary.

On Saturday Matt run Forrest and I left from his house and made our way to the frozen tundra of White Clay. We gathered up a few more folks at the parking lot; Alan the Cleaner, Kurtee, Les the international Man of Mystery and Matt V. The trails were super frozen and super fast. I tried to keep the pace even since I am still in base, but there were a couple of sections where I just had to open it up a little.

I had a good day, felt good, and with the exception of a couple of patches of ice rode well.

Sunday took me to French Creek, one of my all time favorites. Again it was a cold frozen day and some really awesome trail conditions. Also along for the journey were, Matt, I'm Feeling Better Today, Thompson, not so fatmarc, Wes The Conqueror, Ted Logic, and Bill Doh! Everybody was having a good day. Matt put together a nice loop, he even managed to put two of the toughest climbs back to back. Even though my legs felt crappy I still thought I climbed well. Plus the rocks felt all smoothed out for me.

I just hope we don't get this snow they are forecasting, it could force me onto the trainer and that would suck.


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