Monday, June 25, 2007

Cranky Monkey FZK Style...

I love team relay races and this was my first of the year. Bob and I were signed up for the Duo Single Speed class. Joining us for this race were the teams of, fatmarc, Rotten Rob, and Chunky Monkey representing the 3 person open class. Peaches and Wes rocking the Duo Male class. Jamie and Amy Brey La La taking care of things in the Duo Open class. Blair and Jan were also in the Duo Male class. After losing Tom Papa Smurf to a crash in the pre-ride, E Town and Mayhew also raced in the Duo Single Speed class. Plus we had 3 solo guys, Amazin' Andrew and Levi in Solo Male and Fitzy taking the reigns in the Solo Single speed.

In case you didn't notice we tried to get people in every class.

This is how we roll...

The course was dry and fast, but I didn't think it had much flow. Every descent ended in a sharp turn, and every climb started out of a sharp turn. Don't get me wrong it was a fun course especially the Bob Sled Run, and the power line descent, but it was deceivingly hard.

Like most of the Duo teams Our plan was to do double laps until we couldn't any more then just do singles. Bob was lucky enough to go first and through down 2 nice laps. I am not sure how he was able to do it considering the amount of racing he's done lately, but he did it. Now it was my turn, I went out pretty hard but I felt good, I even passed one of the other teams in our class. On my second lap things didn't go as well. I lost the place I had picked up and just felt slow. Bob went out for another double and managed to move us up again. I took off. I didn't think it was possible but I was riding slower than my last laps, but i didn't get passed by anybody.

That was it for the doubles and Bob went out for his first single lap. We were firmly in second at this point, and chasing Etown and Mayhew, who were throwing down some fast laps. I went out for mi single lap and I think it was my slowest of the day. While most of the guys were in the 52-55 minute range, I barely managed a 58. Bob went out for his 6Th lap and came leaving me 1 hour to get him back out. I didn't know it at the time but we didn't need that last lap, but the rule in our camp is, if you can get your guy out again you do what ever it takes.

So I rolled out for my 6Th lap. I was feeling better than I expected and even though i walked more that I had any other lap I managed to turn a 54 ensuring Bob a 7Th lap. I don't think he expected to do another lap but he did it and still managed a good lap and we finished with 13 laps total.

So we finished second, and congrats to Etown and Mayhew for a great ride. As far as the rest of the FZK crew went it was a pretty successful day.

Wes and Matt crushed everybody not only winning there class but winning the whole thing with 14 laps, Wes even had the fastest lap. Marc, Rob, and Diane took second in a close battle with Jon Posner and his wife. Blair and Jan took second to Matt and Wes. Jamie and Amy won there race as well.

But the big props go the the solo guys. Big congrats to Levi who won the solo race. Amazin Andrew also had a great ride finishing 5Th despite a double flat on his last lap, and did I mention he is 56, great job Andrew. Fitzy pulled down 5Th in the solo single speed class. So you could say it was a pretty good day for the boys and girls from FZK.

Of course none of this would have been possible with out the help of Meagan aka Smurfette, and Tom Poppa Smurf, who both worked tirelessly for all of us. How they kept track of so many people I have no idea, but Thank You Very, Very much. It was great weekend filled with plenty of laughing, drinking and of course a little pain.

I though the folks at Ex 2 adventures did a great job considering this was there first time doing a 12 hour race. I would also like to say thanks to the US Marines for letting us use there base for the weekend.




Suki said...

and to think...

I had NO IDEA you guys were all so tremendously cool.

great work, all!

rotten said...

as usual, thanks for the beer...
and the use of your cooler.
and the use of your chain-rag...
and your chain lube...

great race buddy.