Monday, June 18, 2007

A Little Taste of Something Different...

I love all the trails in our area, White Clay/Middle Run, Fair Hill, Brandywine, and so on. But it is nice to sample different flavors once in a while. Genital Ben has been trying to get me to look at some a electrical stuff at his house for a while now, so I headed out there on Saturday. The bonus was he lives near Valley Forge Park, which is loaded with single track.

The trails start off tight, twisty, flat and lots of fun.

While cruising along between the train tracks and the river, we ran into this little guy. The deer in this park are like pets, they don't run, they just look at you and go back to what they were doing.

After the flat stuff we headed to the too big hills, Misery and Joy. Misery was a tough but ridable climb with a sweet descent after, Joy was bit easier of a climb and a better descent after.

All in All I liked Valley Forge and Ben was a great tour guide. Not to mention he supplied the recovery drinks and some burgers and dogs after. Really good stuff.

Peaches doing a little trail side bike repair.

I didn't do any long rides this weekend but I did get some quality riding in. Marc led us on a short tour of Fair Hill, It was nice to feel good for the whole ride for a change.

Once a week Paul even joined us, taking advantage of fathers day yesterday.

I am planning on an easy week this week. Hoping to have good legs for Cranky Monkey on Sunday. Should be a good time.




Suki said...

valley forge sounds like a great idea.

I think I'll grab my deer repellant and head on out there.

miss you guys. hope all is well. tell rachel I say "HI!"

rotten rob said...

I'll make a deal with you...
you teach me the secret Spot Brand handshake, and I'll teach you the secret FZK handshake.

see you saturday...

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the rangers, Valley Forge is off-limits to bikes, especially the stuff on the Mts. Misery and Joy side of the river.

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