Monday, August 27, 2007

It Is Way To Hot For This Shit...

Here is how my Saturday went.
Wake up, take care of the dogs, have coffee and oatmeal, load truck and head to Iron Hill for the race.

The weather was insane, the temperature was around 95 and the humidity was about the same. I really hate racing in the heat, but this was a chance to see how my body would respond with the few changes I made.

The course was hard, Thanks DenS, and the weather was brutal, but I was ready. I lined up with the elite single speeders and watched a group of about fly off the front. Haven ridden the course I knew this was a bad idea, so I found a nice tempo and settled in. Todd el Presidente', and Rich the guy in town were on my wheel and seemed to be happy with the pace.

It didn't take long for the first couple of riders to come back on the 896 climb. Next came the big climb of the race, the climb up a trail called Bone Shaker, it starts off kind of steep and loose then levels off a bit. I was out of the saddle when my chain came off and my knee proceeded to find the sharpest part of my stem. By the time I got back on the bike I had lost a bunch of spots, so I gave chase. This was a mistake because I red lined right away and just completely over heated. I tried to settle down a recover but it was just so damn hot.

I stopped to take a little break and it seemed to help. Then I came across Amy Breyla la la. She was doing the 4 hour race and was in a real bad way, I knew what she was going through so I stopped to make sure she was going to be OK. I walked her to someone that had a chair and made her sit down. By now everybody had gone by me and my race was over. I stopped by to let Howard know and was going to call it a day. Then I saw Ben come by so I rode with him for a bit then went back to the car and got cleaned up. So I now have another DNF to add to the list. I'm not all that upset about it, it was way to hot and the fact that we had to do 5 laps was ridiculous, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more DNF's than finishers.

Saturday night was a meet and greet at the PRG. They had raffles, food, a bouldering clinic and most of all a big sale in the pro shop. Which was cool because Rachael and I were both looking for new shoes. his


These shoes are way more aggressive than our old shoes, I could actually feel the hold under my toe, of course they are a bit tighter as well.

After the meet and greet it was off to Victory for a few pints and some climing talk. It was a lot of fun and even learned a couple of things.

Getting excited about SM100.




Fat Lad said...

A chance to race in heat would be a nice change...

Don't beat yourself up about the DNF. How many people didn't even leave the house this weekend? How many didn't do any pedaling at all? You had the stones to enter a race and give it your best!


Fat Lad

Suki said...

agreed about it taking stones to even get off the couch. most certainly one of those people who didn't leave the house.

tough cookie said...

buddy, you are the wind beneath my wings this weekend! have a great time at SM... look out for llyod flandis.

gwadzilla said...

don't bother trying to tell anyone about you hanging with the A Team at the SM100

I hung out with Floyd's parents at the Observatory the night before the race

guess that is not as good of a story as hanging with Floyd at the keg after the race

but that is all I have got

great racing out there!

the road sections on that course on a single speed?
I could not imagine