Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ultimate Night...

For the second week in a row I found myself at the Downing town ride. It seems the more I do this ride the better I feel there. Once again the Beans Boys put together a great loop. It is never the same loop twice. Marc and Ben even cut in a new trail, which cuts out a hike a bike. As we started to descend Marc du'Ez, it started getting dark. None of us had lights so it was going to get real interesting. Needless to say it took a little longer that usual. The problem is we still had a good half an hour to go. Next came the school climb, basically a trail that follows a gully. By now it was all the way dark and hard to avoid falling into the gully, which I think a couple of guys did.

Some how we managed to make it out in one piece. Next came some fine ales and good food. Always worth the the trip.

I was then told about the new tradition after the food and beer the boys pick sides and play Ultimate Frisbee in the parking lot. Since I didn't have to work the next day I was up for it. It was a blast, although flip flops are not the best choice of foot wear. We ran around the parking lot throwing a Frisbee to each other until about midnight. I think it was harder than the ride. I know my legs thought so because they still hurt.

Next week I will bring sneakers.

One last thing. Rachael and I watched Hot Fuzz last night. Hilarious, definitely worth viewing if you like British humor.



Frank Brigandi said...

peek-a-boo ride, beer, frisbee, british humor?.... that's the life!
I still watch are you being served? and faulty towers, it's awesome and it kills me.

Suki said...

a bunch of fire twirling hippies thought it might be fun to go ahead and throw a lighted frisbee at me the other night.

AFTER they passed me the moonshine.

needless to say...I'm still recovering.