Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Few Bad Pics...

This poor guy thought he had a camera phone
Floyd Mackin' on Michelle
Topher looking way too cool

Floyd admiring the Frank Zappa Kappa shirt

Please excuse the poor quality, but theses pics were taken after a 100 mile race and a few beers, with my phone.



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gwadzilla said...


I will have to check to see if Floyd puts any pictures from his camera phone on his page

great pics
what a great weekend!

great job on the bike
way to work through the stomach thing
I love the mountain bike spirit
not so much that I would consider the SM100 on a single speed
that would kill me
great job out there

it can be a battle of the spirit

awesome weekend
awesome race
awesome pics


gwadzilla said...

is that an iPhone?

rotten said...

kick ass.

airing out said...

oh topher! You know, he is the true star in these photos.