Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where Did All These People Come From...

Well the brew fest has come and gone. It was a good time and here are some random thoughts.

First off I want to thank the Kennett Square Historic Society for putting it on.

The brewers: I thought they dropped the ball this year. There were no new and exciting beers like promised. Don't get me wrong they were still good, but I've already had most of them.

The Promoters: Put on a great show, from the live band to the free bottled water and ample porta johns. The only thing they did wrong was sell too many tickets. It was WAY too crowded. I think I spent 15 minutes in 1 line, that was tough om a hot day. Hopefully next year they limit the ticket sales.

The People: The people at this event are always great. Everybody is out to have a good time and enjoy some finely crafted brews.

All in all it was a good day, not there best brew fest but still a good time. I just hope it isn't too crowded next year.


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