Monday, March 24, 2008

Still A Ways To Go...

I had a solid weekend of riding, and the only thing it made me realize is how far I am from where I need to be. My first race is April 6th, that's like 2 weeks away, and if I don't start feeling better soon, it could be a rough day for me.

Like I said, I still had a good weekend. I went out solo Saturday, I just needed an easy day. Even though I felt like crap the whole time, it felt good to be riding.

Sunday I met up with Bike Line Rich, and Leo, for a long ride at Fair Hill. The plan was to try for 4 hours. The pace was a bit slow, but steady. I still was feeling tired but I really wanted a long ride. We hit all the good stuff and found ourselves back at the parking lot 3 hours later. Leo called it a day, But Rich had to ride home. I was hurting but decided to ride Little Egypt since this is where Rich would be pulling off to head home.

It may have been the slowest I have ever ridden that trail, but it still only put me at three and a half hours. I was happy with that.

Hopefully I can put together another solid week and be ready fro the team relay.


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cyclocrosser said...

ahhhhh you'll be fine.