Monday, September 15, 2008

Out With A Fizzle...

Sunday was my last race of the year. Normally The Terror of Teaberry @ Michaux is one of my favorites. I was looking forward to this race, until I saw the weather forecast. Last year it was 50 degrees when we started the race and it never got above 60. I had a nice ride. This year it was in the 80's at the start of the race and got up into the 90's, plus it was humid.

I admit I was pretty tired going in but I was hoping to have some fun and enjoy some sweet single track. Well the course was really tough, and the heat took it's toll on me once again. So, half way through I pulled the plug. I ran into Elk at the check point and he was done as well, so we had a nice little ride back to the parking lot.

I think my plan for next year is race a lot from April to June, then take off until September.

Now it's time for some good old fashion fall mountain bike rides.



Fort James said...

Micheux is the best! I see myself working an entire season around hitting the entire Micheux series - - it is way better to be out on a big mountian, with huge rocks, 3 mile climbs, being kinda lost, and just being "out there" than any of the MASS races . . . . . and I like the MASS races. The 50 would be too much now, but it looks like I have a few months before the next event, s o o o o. Could have done without the broken chain though.

Good to see you up there. I cannot even comprehend how you were able to ride a singlespeed past the 12 mile portion - - just after the 2nd feed stop - - and I ride and raced a singlespeed at 3 races this year. Miles 13 - 21 were kinda brutal with gears. The 3 mile road climb after food stop 2 (for us) was hard and the final 3 miles were pretty fun, except I was broken by then.

Jason said...

Hats off for even going dude. I love a challenge, but Micheux is TOO much challenge for me. I suffer from Tiny Ball Syndrome® and I can't race it.

I have learned this year that a Storm King REALLY takes the sting out of a poor performance. AND it gets you fired up for next year. I think I need to put it in my race bottles!

Enjoy the fall riding season. I know I plan to.