Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Mountain Bike Gods Must Be Angry...

As most of you know I have had a run of bad luck and untimely injuries, this off season. Well I have another one to add to the string. I headed out Thursday night to meet up with Paul's Brandywine night ride. I love riding Brandywine, but I have never ridden it at night, let alone when it was wet and slick.

We had a nice group show up despite the damp muggy conditions, and was happy to be riding. We headed for the Jcc to pick up a few more folks, when Todd clipped a pole and hurt his leg, while he walked it off a few of us headed for the rocky death trail. I missed the line and went flying over the bars, and of course put my hand out to break my fall. My hand found a nice sharp rock as did the rest of me. It's never good when the rocks are what break your fall.

I did the rest of the ride, but had a hard time holding the bars. Yesterday I thought I would be OK to ride. Turns out my hand was sore, but didn't seem to get any worse so I had a nice ride, with a little discomfort. This morning I woke up with my whole hand swollen, and bruised. So today it is lots of ice and advil.

Hopefully it is OK to try and ride somewhere smooth tomorrow, or I may go off the deep end.


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