Monday, February 02, 2009

A Road Too Far...

Last week brought us some really crappy weather. Tuesday night was good, I had a nice ride around Middle Run and White Clay. Sadly, this would be my last mountain bike ride for a while.

Friday a bunch of us from work made our way to Wing Bowl 17 at the Wachovia Center in Philly. If you are not sure what it is, let's just say it is a spectacle to be seen. Nothing like watching a bunch if fat guys eat wings til' they puke, then enjoying a trip to a nice gentleman's club. It was a really long day.

We got hit with snow and ice the next day, so everything was a skating rink. I should have spent some time on the trainer, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, I was relegated to the road bike. My road bike hadn't seen the light of day in a long while. I headed over to Marc's for a base ride, that was fine, it was all the damn hills. I was pretty shattered after that ride. The next day I met up with the Original Matt for a road ride from his place. He put together a nice loop, and he also took it easy on me, because I had nothing in the legs.

Later that day we were busy getting ready for our annual Super Bowl Party. This is the 5TH year and seems to get bigger and better every year. It was good time and I want to thank everybody for coming all the way out here to drink too much beer and eat too much food. Everybody brought some food and beverages, including a few fine home brews from Kurtee, Nick and Ted.

Well I am really tired now, It's been a long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting us to your party. It was worth the drive! We had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Glad you both made the trip. Hope you didn;t get lost on the way home!!! Rachael.