Sunday, February 08, 2009

Stranger In A Strange Land....

I originally grew up in the suburbs, 6 years ago I moved to the country and I don't think I could ever go back. Last night I ventured into the city, Philadelphia to be exact. Marc, Di, Bob, Liz and myself went to climb with Sam and Elk at Go Vertical. Unfortunately there is a foal due any day now so Rachael couldn't make it, she was missed.

The gym was easy enough to find and there was plenty of parking, I even saw a car fire on my way there. The climbing is definitely different that I am used to, not in a bad way. The routes are harder, but lots of fun. We actually climbed quite a bit.

After climbing we were headed out to dinner. We were going to follow Elk and Sam to the bar. I was waiting behind Marc and Di when Marc starts following this guy out of the lot. I called to tell him I didn't think it was Elk, but he said it was so I followed along. Turns out it was not Elk, and we had gone the wrong way all together. A few phone calls back and forth and Elk had us going the right way once again. Finding the bar was easy, finding parking was a whole other adventure. I drove around for a while before I saw a spot where some cars were parked a bit of side walk, there was room for one more car so I parked there, knowing that my car would probably be towed by the time I got back there.

Everybody found parking and we went to eat. The food was good and the place had some nice beer s to choose from. I want to thank Sam and Elk for taking us out on the town, even if we were like a bunch of tourists.

I didn't get home until late, normally no big deal, but I had to be at Matt's house at 7:30 so we could meet up with Todd and the other Matt to go ride in the pine barrens of south Jersey. I made it to Matt's despite being a bit tired, and right after we loaded his toaster I got a text from Elk letting me know it was going to be way too wet to ride. I was bummed, but I was glad we didn't drive all the way out there and find out for ourselves.

So, I went back home and Rachael and I took the dogs for a nice walk. I then spent the next couple of hours bottling my second batch of Home Brew. I have to say it tasted much better than the first batch, fingers crossed it turns out good.

That's it,


airing out said...

Please tell me your car didn't get towed....

It sucks that we couldn't leave all the cars at the gym, but I've known people to do that and cars get broken into after the gym closes. Ticketed too because that area becomes valet parking for one of the clubs. The good news is that you didn't waste any time trying to park because all the restaurants had a long wait. Oh, Saturday nights in philadelphia... yikes. Glad you had fun though. Next time we'll have to come to PRG.

Buddy said...

No my car did not get towed. I had a great time, and will come up again when Rachael can make it.