Monday, July 13, 2009

I Went Climbing Instead...

It was pretty close to this time last year that a group of us made our way to Hunters just outside of State College for a little bouldering. I got the opportunity to head up with Bob, and Christian and jumped at the chance.
Bob hooked us up with with his buddy Mike who let us crash at his place. A really sweet place.
We got a few hours on Saturday before the rains came, then had a nice long day on Sunday.

After Saturdays session we went into town for some much needed food and beverage, Otto's was the place, and Mike was feeling no pain. Saturday night did not go as well for Mike's poor dogs, who took off when let out and came home like this.

Even though we spent 5 more hours there on Sunday, we still didn't hit everything.
I think we were all wondering when we would get back there. I know I can't wait.

Looking forward to Michaux this weekend,


jay said...

That looks like an awesomely fun rock.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Did that dog eat a porcupine?

Hunter rock looks SWEET!

Buddy said...

No, but it tried to, there was another dog as well, not quite as bad though.

JenBob said...

they are sweet and so are the accomodations

Jamie E said...

Dude! I used to climb with Weasel (aka Christian). We went to WCU and he lived out west for a while.