Monday, October 11, 2010

Good By Ruby Boobies...

Ever wonder how American Standard trail on Broad Mountain got its name? Now you know.

This past weekend was one for the books. Jay invited some folks to his house in Eagle Rock for a weekend of mountain biking and beer drinking. I turned just Jay Peaches and myself made the trip. On our way up Friday night we stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for a little dinner. It was like that episode of Seinfeld where all the waitresses had big boobs. Our waitress was very proud of hers and had the cleavage to back it up. I think it was Jay that coined the phrase Ruby Boobies. I found myself singing" Good Bye Ruby Boobies" the next morning while sitting on the toilet.

Matt got a little crazy with the Stone IPA's the night before, so he passed on the Dales at the beer stop.

We were having a great ride around American Standard when I crashed and somehow managed to bend the disc tabs on my Spot frame. We managed to get it to where the back wheel would kind of spin, then kept riding.
We had a great ride and we were all tired and hungry after. So we stopped and ate then grabbed some snacks and food for breakfast and some entertainment for the night.
Sunday morning we packed up and started heading home. We stopped off at Blue Marsh for some more riding first though. I have to say that loop is a lot harder than I remember, but still fun. Matt was feeling better, he even partook in the beer stop. I was not feeling so good on Sunday. Despite the suffering towards the end, I still had a blast.
Thanks Jay for the hospitallity and thanks to Matt for driving. Hopefully we get to do this again this fall.

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