Monday, April 18, 2011

Riding With Fatmarc...

For years I would ride with Fatmarc a few times a week. It was a given. A few years ago our cycling took different paths and we just don't get to ride together that much anymore. This past weekend was like a trip down memory lane. It started Friday night when we met up with Marc and Monkey for dinner. Next thing I know is Marc is picking me up at 6:40 am to go ride Granogue and Brandywine, where we were joined by Travis.

The idea was to beat the impending rain. We rolled the Granogue course, but before we made our way up the Koppenberg, we did a second lap around Weymouths. That kind of hurt. After that we made our way to Brandywine to ride some rocks. Lets just say it was an awesome ride and no one got hurt. We got back to the car and changed just before the rain hit. It rained a lot Saturday and was going to be windy Sunday. I was not looking forward to riding the road.

Marc suggested Elk Neck in the afternoon. That place drains really well so I figured why not. It was another great ride. That place is pretty unique around here, so it was definitely worth the trip down. I have to say my legs were pretty shattered after those two rides, but it was oh so worth it.

Who knows maybe I will get to ride with Marc a little more often this year.


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Who's Fatmarc?