Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Left My Legs In Port Deposit...

After dislocating my shoulder for a third time last Saturday, I decided to stick to the road bike for a week and see how I felt. I did a couple of short easy rides with L Webb during the week. Yesterday Marc was doing the Port Deposit ride from his house. We had a nice group roll out for what was supposed to be a nice pace. It didn't take long for Kurtee to start pushing the pace a bit. I can't say I blame him, he is riding really well right now. I wasn't feeling too bad, but far from great. I managed to stay with Kurtee and Leo for most of the climb, but my lack of riding lately got the best of me and I faded a little just before the top.

After a too long stop for water we hit the "Peppy Section" Marc went, Kurtee and Leo tried to cover. I managed to build a little speed and get around those guys and get up to Marc. I do love that section, but I burned all matches there and barely made it back.

Today I decided to try the mountain bike. I hopped on the Titus and rode over to Fair Hill and met up with Peaches, Marc, Les, on his shiny new Specialized Carbon bike, Todd, Stew, and a different Kurt. It didn't take long to realize I didn't have it today. So after 5 bridges, the group went to Gallagher, and went to crack head bob. Lucky for me Les was heading back so I rode with him until he headed for his car and I turned for home.

Now its time for a nice quiet Sunday with the wife and the dogs.


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