Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Car Camping Weekend...

This weekend Rachael, Brian and I made our way to the Blue Rocks Campground for some camping and hiking. We loaded up Friday afternoon and hit the road. We got there a couple hours later and managed to find our campsite. We chose the most isolated one we could find, and it was, isolated, and the road in was pretty rough.
  We started to unload the car, then I realized, I had forgotten, of all things, the tent. We found one at the camp store, but it was way too small. So we went into town and found a very large comfortable tent and we were back on track.

Rachael and Brian on Pinnacle
 The campground is right next to the Appalachian Trail, with access to the Pinnacle and Pulpit lookouts. It was a great view.

 The hike left from right behind our campsite, which was way cool.

 Pulpit Lookout

  Our total hike was around 6 very pleasant miles.
After we got back to camp we had a couple beers and checked out the boulder fields.

This boulder field is a mile long and 500 feet wide. It is the result of a glacier millions of years ago. It was pretty cool to walk out and see it close up. You can't tell from this picture, but these rocks are the size of a refridgerator and were probably 20-30 feet deep.

 It was a nice weekend, and we are already planning  a spring trip to West Virginia.


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huber said...

If you ever head back there, you should checkout the old time candy store in Port Clinton!