Friday, December 31, 2004

The State of Mountain bike Racing

When I started racing in 2000 it seemed like the local racing seen was HUGE and it was all about grass roots racing. In the past few years it seems like this idea has been lost. It is all about being part of a series and making money. If we want to make money we should adopt the Norba philosiphy. I am saddenedby recent events. Our team (WOODEN WHEELS RACING ) has been part of a race series the past few years, and we have prfitted from this. However we have lost sight of what our team was founded on. This team was started on a Grass Roots philosiphy meaning, we are not in it for the money but in it for the comradery. Mountain biking is a community and anybody that rides and races knows this.
The reason for this posting is that our team was part of a series that went commercial. We didn't like it so we started our own and made it more grass roots. The series was kind of successful at least for the first year. Our team put all of our goals into this series for next year, we wanted to win the team compitition and our race was a part of the series.
I just found out the guy that runs the series decided to cancel it. It seems he didn't want to do it anymore. This has left our team high and dry. I am very disapointed. We gave a sizable donation towards the series thinking it would help in the coming year and we ended up getting screwed.
I know that most people wont understand this, but I am hoping some will.

til next time(hpoefully with better news) Buddy

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