Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wet Weather stinks

The are I live in has been saturated with rain lately. Unless it freezes there is NO mountain biking around here. So I have had to bust out the road bike. I do like riding my road bike, just no where near as much as my Single Speed. Just yesterday my friend Matt and I headed out from my house for a little spin. This was supposed to be an easy ride. I am just starting my base miles and that means lots of miles with not a lot of efforts. Unfortunatly when we get together the testtosterone tends to take over. That and a wrong turn meant we ended up doing a lot of hills.
It was still a fun ride even though Matt took us through a couple of rough neighborhoods. We call these areas manditory sprint zones. Our little unscheduled detour added a couple of tough climbs. I was trying to stay under control and take it easy but Matt would come by me and off I went. Being commpetitive can be a real pain some times.
Man it is raining again today and supposed to rain all day tomorrow. I guess it is time to dust off the trainer and hit the basement.

Oh well I guess that's enough useless rambling for now.
later Buddy

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