Monday, January 31, 2005

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Until now all my ramblings have been about riding or not being able to ride. I thought I would change things up a bit. I am a bit of a beer connoiseur, I especially enjoy IPA's and belgiun style brews. I have sampled many different versions of all styles. A lot of people don't realize just how many different styles of beers there are. You can pair beers with food just like you do a fine wine, but with beer there are many more choices.
I will say it takes some time to train your palate for some of the stronger flavored brews but it is worth the effort. I started with Sierra Nevada pale ale, a slightly hoppy beer but not overpowering. As you develope a taste for stronger beers you can get into the good stuff. Some examples of really hoppy beers are, Victory Hop Devil which isn't as hoppy as their Hop Wallop. Another good brewery is Stone. There IPA, and Ruination IPA are amazing beers.
Next time you're out ask for something other than a Coors light or budweiser. Try a Sam Adams or a Dogfish, or a Sierra Nevada. You may discover a wonderful new world.
Remember to drink in moderation and NEVER drink and drive. If you have a moment check out my bottle collection. I have sampled all of these and most of them more than once.

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joey said...

ofoto kind of sucks for photo sharing, i would try using webshots for sharing your photos.
take it easy,

Buddy said...

Thanks Joey I will give it a shot.
Now go ride your bike