Saturday, January 29, 2005

Interesting day

Well the plan for today was pretty simple, ride at 10, come home shower and go shopping with the wife. The ride was leaving from Wooden Wheels at 10:00am with the intention of doing 3 hours. I got to the shop and it was pretty fucking cold, but 6 people showed up any way. Matt, Charlie, John (big ring) C., Mike K. and the always flamboyant Tom McD.
We headed out to do a loop called the Barksdale loop. It is about 50 miles and should take about 2:45. The pace at the start is really mellow, the first 45 minutes took forever. After about an hour and a half things picked up. Matt took his usual flyer and it was game on. We started attacking and waiting for folks to get back on. To tell the truth I wasn't having any fun until we started cranking it up, even though I am supposed to be taking it easy. So in the end we finished with 3 hours and 50 miles. A pretty good ride considering the temperature never got above 20.
We did have one altercation early in the ride. We were just cruising along when some Asshole was backing out of his driveway and not looking to see if anyone was coming. We all started yelling and he finally looked our direction. As we went by he started to get out of his truck or as Tom called it "a small penis mobile", Some of us shouted "hey you have to look both ways". He turns and shouts back a witty remark I believe it was " Yeah" so I yelled back "YEAH!!!". The asshole decides getting back in his truck is a good idea, but he tries to buzz us as he goes by, of course we knew this was coming and it was no big deal.

Now for the rest of my day. I get home shower and feel a little wrecked, but my wife wants to go shopping for a pair of insulated boots. I am actually looking forward to it because we are going to Exton to look for them. This may not seem like something to get excited about, but we will be going by Victory Brewing on the way home. I suggest we stop there for an early dinner. This did not surprise my wife because she knows my affection for Victory beers.
We Get to Exton and hit the EMS store, which happens to be an outdoor sporting goods store. Of course they are all out of insulated boots. That's OK we can hit the Dick"s sporting goods on our way to Victory. This turned up empty as well, so now I am excited because the next stop is my favorite brewery.
We get to Victory get seated and order drinks. My wife goes with the Victory Lager I decide on the Storm King Stout( a great winter beer). We look over the menu and decide on an appetizer, black bean dip with tortilla chips. Then we order our meal, Rachael orders a personal white pizza with grilled chicken and I ordered one with buffalo chicken and blue cheese dressing. Next thing we know our appetizer comes out. It doesn't look like black bean dip with tortilla chips but we eat it anyway. a few minutes later another appetizer comes out and it does look like black bean dip. Turns out our first one was hummus with garlic toasts. Yeah I know we should have picked up on this sooner but, what are you gonna do. We eat some of the black bean dip, which is really good. I order another beer and soon after our pizzas come out. Now it gets strange. My pizza is perfect, Rachaels is a bit funny looking. It seems they put croutons instead of grilled chicken on her pizza. That is right croutons, who the fuck puts croutons on a pizza. Anyway they corrected the mistake and we got a good laugh out of it.
Now we are leaving and on cue Rachael has to pee so I visit the gift shop. I can't help myself I bought a winter beanie hat with the Hop Devil logo on it.
That is the end of my ramblings for today and thanks for reading.



gwadzilla said...

getting buzzed...
here in DC there are a good number of drivers who like to do that "buzzing" thing
it bothers me because I think I can read their simple minds...
but of course I can not
on a few random occassions I have had the chance to have conversations with them... varying conversations depending upon my mood
sometimes it is someone who happens to live a few blocks away...
I catch them as they are getting out of their car and I make mention that I am their neighbor and that I would appreciate if they were a tad more neigborly
there are the times when someone passes a little too close and I catch them and say...."excuse me... do you think you passed me a little close?" to which the most frequent response is.... "I didn't even see ya"
which is either impossible or really dangerous
because to pass within inches of me and not seeing me is as scary as passing with inches of me on purpose in an effort to teach me a lesson...
then there are the times when I feel.... not hear.... feel a vehicle approaching fast behind me... too far to hear.... yet somehow the "spidey senses" kick in and I tell myself... GET THE F-CK OUT OF THEIR WAY!and sure enough
some Caprice Classic with paper tags an no intention of ever being registered legally swoooshes by
it is that last style of driver that reminds me the advantages the car has


and the other buzz...
micro brew beers......
I am more for the wine or the whiskey these days
I know the many great flavors of beer
look for some Weeping Radish when you get a chance....
or Breckenridge Brewry is another good one
well... I am not sure if either are good
but I do know that I have enjoyed drinking much of both... the Oatmeal Stouts and the IPAs

Buddy said...

Thanks, I will give them a try if I can get my hands on some. Oh! and look out for the back country rednecks that do it for shits and giggles. They have been known to turn around and come back for a second pass.