Friday, January 28, 2005

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Ok so the plan was a road ride down a road with a shoulder, out and back. I go to take my dogs out for a pee, and realize just how cold it is. I called Matt to discuss this. We both agreed the road was a bad place to be. Matt has an idea, there is a conservancy near my house. They have a 3-4 mile double track which usually attracts a lot of traffic. We are thinking it will be beat down and rideable. So if we ride from my house, take the long way around and ride the Laurels out and back then come back up a bitch of a climb we could get in 1:30 hours. The plan sounded great. I went to the basement, made my Single speed 2-1 gear ratio and waited for Matt to show up.
When He gets here we bundle up and head out. We get about 5 minutes away when Matt suggests I bring my camera. I have been meaning to bring on a ride for awhile but always forgot. We head back for it and then we are back on our way. We head down the road, which is a downhill to start, it is pretty cold but not as bad as I thought. We make a right up a road called Hill Top. I have driven passed this road dozens of times but have never ridden my bike up it, and now i know why. It is about a mile long and really kicks up at the top. I think i found my new hill repeat hill. We shot down the other side and head for the Laurels.
It starts off in someone's driveway but hits the trail soon after. We find out right away the snow is not rideable. We discuss things and decide to trudge on thinking we will hit a spot where it is beat down and we can ride.
This spot doesn't come. We tried riding the downhill parts but this wasn't happening. Now we are to far in to turn around, so we shoulder our bikes and start hiking through the 8 inches of snow. I had forgotten how far we had to go, 45 minutes later we finally come to a spot where there has been some traffic and we can ride. The path that was beat down was only a foot wide, and if you went off of it you were done ( that's right it was like snow single track ). I was pretty rough but totally rideable and actually fun. The only bad part was we only had a mile of this stuff but that was better than nothing.
We exit the Laurels and head back to my house. Which is all road, and mostly up hill. When it was all said and done we had a total of 1:45 that did include the 45 min. hike. Man if this doesn't prove I hate the trainer I don't know what will.

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