Thursday, January 20, 2005

Snowy Ride

With the recent cold weather, it has been possible to ride the trails again. I have actually ridden my mountain bike three times this week. Today was especially fun. Last night we got about an inch to an inch and a half of snow. There is something special about riding in the snow. For starters most people were at work so we had the trails to ourselves. Matt, Lauri and I rode yesterday as well as today. Yesterday it was relly cold. I have a problem when it gets too cold. My feet don't handle the cold that well. Today was better. Not as cold and I had better wool socks and feel warmers. Now back to the snowy trails. It is pretty cool when you get to put the first tracks in the snow. There were a couple of trails that had tracks on them already but for the most part ours were the first.
There was just enough snow to cover any ruts or smaller objects so sometimes the bike did it's own thing but for the most part the trails were great. It is alot more difficult to climb in the white stuff especially on a single speed but it was possible. I am sure our avg. speed was down from normal but we still had a shit load of fun.
Towards the end we were at a point where we could've called it quits and headed back, but I convinced the others to hit one more small loop. Just enough to put us over the 2 hour mark. As we were coming down the last twisty fun downhill I said to Matt " aren't you glad we did this last loop". He quickly agreed.
We parted ways with Lauri because she rode in from her house. When Matt and I got back to the parking lot we noticed it was lunch time so we headed to McGlyyns for lunch. I must say McGlynns has gone down hill. They no longer carry any good beers, just mass produced crap, abd my roast beef sandwhich was no where near as good as they used to be. Needless to say I will be scratching McGlynns off my list of places to eat.
Well it is time to take my dogs out and head off to bed.
til next time Buddy

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