Monday, January 24, 2005

Eagles are going to the Super Bowl

It has finally happened. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the super bowl. Let me start by letting you know, I have been an Eagles fan since I knew what football was. I hav had seson tickets since 1998. I was at the last two NFC championship games and let me tell you, it SUCKED. I had a good feeling about this team all season. Things seemed different, they signed T.O. and the Freak. Which just happened to be the two biggest free agents in football last year.
I was very excited about there chances against the Falcons. Unlike most folks I didn't think Micheal Vick was good enough to beat the Eagles in Philadelphia. I was right and this was the most exciting thing I have ever seen. It was unbelievable, sitting in the stands you could feel something special happening right in front of you. The Eagles fans are without a doubt the most passionate football fans period. You could hear it everytime Atlanta had the ball 70,000 fans SCREAMED at the top of their lungs. I know my voice is shot today.
So once again the Eagles are the underdog going into the super bowl. I for one am glad, because it will be that much sweeter when they win.

Over Joyed fan

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