Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chilly Ride

Todal was my last day of basemiles. The ride was from Willowdale, which is cool because I can ride in from my house. I got to the gathering place and people were showing up. There was Matty T, Dan, Ted, fatmarc, Mike K, Charlie and myself. A good group of guys to ride in the cold with. Thing started off a bit sketchy as we got buzzed by a few cars while riding down 926, it's funny how they go blowing by but never stop when we yell and flip them off. We fianlly got off that road and the rest of the ride went well. We were riding a nice moderate pace. Matt took us on a little add on, which turned out to be a great loop. I only hope I can remember it for future rides. We get back onto the planned loop and people started getting frisky. We went up Frog Hollow road which is't real steep but it always seems to hurt. We cranked things up again when we hit the flatter raods along the creek. I held back a little knowing we were going up Northbrook today. Northbrook is a tough climb becasu it is kind of long and pretty steep with a good kick at the top. Everybody rode well today. Marc's fitness is coming around he just started base but I can see he is getting stronger already.

I am looking forward to next week, I only have to do 5 hours. After that I get to really crank things up, man I am excited. I know it is going to hurt but in the end it will be well worth it.

I must do some couch surfing for a while, so later.

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Anonymous said...

funny. I get home and feel like a lump of shit. my legs are jello and I don't feel like talking to anyone.

Another well done write up...