Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bad Weather, Good Timing

The weather around here has taken a turn for the worse. We got 8 inches of snow Monday, which makes riding outside impossible. Lucky for me I am coming out of base and have a rest week. I will still have to get some time in just not mad hours, which is good because I hate the trainer. I have been spoiled this year. For the most part I have been able to ride outside when ever I want. This only makes the trainer more unappealing. I am hoping to hit the road a little on Thursday. If not I will try the trainer.

I went through my training logs from the past couple of years and I was surprised by how few hours I had at this time in the past. I have more than doubled my riding time this year. I sure hope it pays off. My first race is only 39 days away. Even though this isn't an " A " race for me I still want to be ready. The other thing on my agenda for this week is to really watch what I eat. Since I am not riding as much, I have to be careful. I will still have a beer or two this weekend but that is it.

Well it is time to take the dogs for a walk and start my day, so later.

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